Gazza82's 1998 Alfa Romeo 156 TSpark 2.0

Replacing Rear Hub Bushes

Since writing this I've replaced the hub bushes again .. this time I fitted Powerflex bushes which being made up of several parts are much easier to install.

Also not being rubber should mean they last a lot, lot longer ...

Bush Part No: 60682636 £5.01 from Alfa dealer plus VAT, etc.

Remove old bushes

Easier said than done!

Remove the trailing arm - otherwise it gets in the way. One 19mm bolt through bush, two 16mm bolts at front mounting.

  1. it may fall out (unlikely!)
  2. using flat washes and bolts, it may draw out (also unlikely!)
  3. hack out the rubber, tear centre out, cut and hammer metal outer of bush from hub
I chose option 3 .... and was left with this ...
old bushes
Clean up the hole in the hub with abrasive paper or round wire bush and oil the surfaces.

Replacing the bushes

Note: The bushes are made of very soft metal. Hammering or misaligning them in the hub is likely to result in another trip to the dealers and the lightening of your wallet of another £5.01 plus VAT! I used the trailing arm bolt and 3 large washers. I put one washer on the bolt and put that through the bush. Then hold the bush in place, and put the remaining two washers on the end, then the nut. Tighten this gently until the bush is lined up and square to the hub.

starting the new bush
Oil the outer surface of the bush. Start tightening the nut and bolt slowly. The bush will start to slide into the hub. Keep oiling as you continue to tighten. At some stage the nut will run out of thread. So remove the bolt and use something as a spacer. I used the trailing arm! Put the bolt back and continue to tighten drawing the bush in further ... keep oiling! The bush will not go all the way in. I used a large g-clamp and 15/16AF socket to push the bush in further. Use the washers at the back to place the clamp on if necessary, but make sure it is as straight as you can get it. Finally a couple of mm of the bush will remain protruding out of the hub. This is because the central part of the bush will hit the clamp/washers before it is fully home. Using the same socket as a drift, gently tap the bush in fully. Replace the trailing arm and mounting bolts and tighten everything. the workshop manual doesn't have the torque settings, so i tighten to around 80 ft/lb. (I have a very old torque wrench!) Give all the other bushes a good soak in WD40 while you are under the car.

BTW! This is what happens when you don't get the bush lined up correctly or try and hammer it in from the start.

damaged bush
Ouch! And £5.01 +VAT wasted.

Powerflex bushes

Powerflex bushes come as separate parts: 2 bushes, 2 nylon washers, 2 large metal washers and the bush centre.

Remove the old bush. Push a new bush half into either side of the hub, then the metal centre with a coating of copper grease. Put a nylon washer on each end as the centre bush is slightly longer. The two metal washers go on last as you bolt things together. Grease the bolt!