Gazza82's 1998 Alfa Romeo 156 TSpark 2.0

Replacing Front Droplinks

The new link should be obvious!! ...
compare droplinks
This is what was left of the bottom mounting bolts ....
old links
You should be able to see the flats for a spanner on the new link (not OEM parts) ... no more need for allen keys or torq sockets ...

Changing them is straightforward as it is easy to see them once the wheel is off. The problem is actually getting them off, especially if they haven't been changed before. I'm sure before long I'll have to do the rears .... I have, it's the same principle!

June 2007: Replaced both front droplinks with Alfa parts. The last ones, in the pictures above, lasted around two years which isn't very long. They don't come with nuts or washers though.
March 2012: Replaced both front droplinks with Meyle heavy-duty droplinks ... much better.
July 2013: Play in one of the rear droplinks so they will get Meyle replacements as well.

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