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Output from AlfaDiag software using the Andy Whittaker interface You can click on each of the images to view them in a higher resolution (opens new window).

Performance Charts
Perf 1Perf 2
Output from two performance runs, which could be a lot better. I was trying this out on the M4 and A404M and trying to operate the laptop at the same time ... not condusive to good 0-60 times .... and the roads weren't clear ... how dare people get in my way!!

OPTO interface
I ran the diagnostics to trace what was going on with the MAF/AFM ... I am pretty sure mine is working OK so this might be a good indication that your's is working or not if it doesn't match.

Faults Found!
OPTO interfaceGSEL interface
After the two performance runs I noticed I had a couple of faults. One on the Lambda sensor which was fitted in July and a Fuel Trim problem. It is now known that some NTK Lambda sensors are not completely compatible in the 156 and result in these codes. If possible use an original Bosch lambda sensor.