Gazza82's 1958 Austin A35 Project


Get ready for the re-build project .....

So how does this site work: along the top you will see several categories. These "tabs" lead you to more details about the car and my plans.

As I think of more and progress through the project, I'll update these pages and add pictures. At the moment it is almost a work-sheet of ideas, only the engine is 99% decided upon and almost completed. I'm taking ideas from a variety of sources and trying to work them into my own. Some are too outlandish to consider but others are simply too good to leave out.

This was a idea from back in the mid '70s!

Might not be exactly how it turns out, but it's my starter for 10! Although the Revolution alloys are to be Minilites and I'm unlikely to fit a sunroof now!

Original SpecificationsPlanned
Price at launch:£507£5 in 1971, plus £££s
 0-60 mph:30.1 secsGood question! We'll have to see!
 Top speed:72 mph90-95'ish
 Power:34 bhp75-85 bhp
 Torque:38 ft/lbtba
 MPG:42.0 mpgtba
Dimensions (approx):
 Width:1400mm/55"plus flared arches
 Height:1480mm/58"lowered suspension
 Tracking (front):1149mm/45.2"will be wider with the wider wheels
 Tracking (rear):1137mm/44.8"-- ditto --
 Weight:685 kgs/1510lb
 Configuration:In-line, four cylinder, OHV
 Bore & Stroke:62.94 mm x 76.2 mm72.1 mm x 76.2 mm
 Comp Ratio:8.3:110.0:1 est
 Fuel:Petrol (leaded)Unleaded 95/99 with lead additive
 Fuel delivery:Zenith 26VME Downdraft CarburettorHIF 44 1.75cm on heated manifold
with large bore LCB manifold to hybrid RC40 system
 Suspension Front: Independent, coil spring,
lever arm shocks
Lowered stiffer springs, a/r bar, uprated lever arms
possibly telescopic conversion
 Suspension Rear:Live axle, semi-elliptic leaf spring,
lever arm shocks 
Telescopic shocks, uprated leaf springs, lowered
 Drivetrain:Front-engine RWDCan't be anything else!
 Bodyframe:Metal Monocoque
 Transmission:Four-speed manual, mechanic clutchMidget 1275 gearbox, uprated clutch, hydraulic operated
 Rear axle:4.55:1 diff3.9:1 diff, EN17 hardened drive shafts
 Brakes:Front: 7" Drums, hydraulic
Rear: 7" Drums, part-hydraulic, part-rod operated 
Front: 7" discs servo-assist
Rear: 7" drums, fully hydraulic, cable handbrake 
 Wheels:13" x 3.5" steel with 5.20x13 cross-ply tyres13" x 6" Minilite alloys with 185/60R13
or optionally 5 1/2" x 13" banded steels or 175/65R13 Radial Tyres
 Basics: 12V, positive earth, dynamo12V, negative earth, alternator
Boot-located battery
Fully rebuilt loom with extra fuses and relays

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